2008 DEN National Leadership Council Institute

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Day One - Monday

It's exciting to be back at One Discovery Place. So many familiar faces and new ones from all over the country. It's great to be able to catch with those I met last year. The network of educators is fantastic!

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Right away we were given a project to create with our Regional Leadership Council members. Our group was made up of LC's from NY, ME, PA and NJ.
Our task? To create a Boom -Dee-Yah- Da Video similar to the one you can view on Discovery YouTube. We heard this over and over and over and over and over again the entire week. I don't think anyone will soon forget this ear worm.
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Imagine what you can do in just an hour and a half with some creative people and technology. Imagine what your students can do!
Here is our version:

The team: Me, Christine Southard - NY, Nancy Sharoff -NY, Dahlia McGregor - NY, Carol Miller - ME, Heather Sullivan - NJ, Bev Plein - NJ, Jenn Dorman - PA, Martha Rougeux - PA, RJ Stangherlin - PA, and Bridgett Belardi - PA.
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We met our new Northeast Regional DEN Manager Dennis Swain.

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Up early for a full day of professional development. But first we heard a fantastic key note from Hall Davidson on the use of cell phones in education. It certainly gave you something to think about. The presentation was fantastic. If you would like to see it you can go here to view it. A summary was also in Education Week.There were a number of our STARs blogging , twittering and plurking live during Hall's presentation as well. If you can't believe it , get used to it. The world is changing so we can learn and be in real time in so many ways during the current moment.

external image IMG_0228.JPG Professional development opportunities for the day ranged from everything from Steve's blogging tips to Makin' Movies - Made Simple with Jennifer Gingrich to Professional Learning Networks with Jenn Dorman. There was so much more.

Discovery really knows how to have fun too! The DEN Carnival, with and old fashioned Barbecue dinner was just the thing we needed to celebrate our successes and have fun!

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Rita is busy working on her production ofexternal image IMG_0265.JPG the week. She brought everyone cows from the state of WI. Strawberry was very thirsty after a long day of work and heat! (I think she's enjoying a little bit of the Tennessee "water". :)

Day Three - Wednesday

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Steve Dembo provided a terrific morning keynote on all sorts of new web tools. In addition to a live blog stream of the presentation on CovertLive (check it out here). I think everyone's favorite was Mogulus. You can stream real time video with just a click to the website. I sent our live feed back home to Schenectady, but I don't think they had time to view it ( or else it was blocked!).

Another exciting part of the day was a visit to Discovery's Productions Studio. Everyone had a chance to be a part of a professional green screen taping. Some of the projects using this technology are just fantastic. Check this one out on the Tennesee DEN Blog.
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Rita is busy taping with her Meerkat. Can't wait to see the video of this when it is finished.

To wrap things up on Wednesday, Discovery treated us to a magnificent dinner in DC at the Sequoia Restaurant on the Potomac. From the restaurant you could see the Kennedy Center as well as other sites. Dinner was fantastic. Check out this dessert! We took some time just to hang out and were treated to a couple of stops at The WWII and Jefferson Memorials. Matt and Rita provided the entertainment on the way back to Silver Spring with stories and a game of Cash Cab.
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Day Four - Thursday

Today was a full day to work on our projects. Each of us were asked to create another way DEstreaming could be used in the classroom. I created a video using PhotoStory3 that shows how DEstreaming can be used to support Literacy development. As soon as I tweek it just a bit, it will be posted here for sure. Other ways are posted here:http://den.wikispaces.com/25MoreWays

As we did last year, we heard from John Grassi about what he called "backtracking" into education. John just found out this morning he was nominated for an Emmy award for his fantastic work on Discovery television productions. Congratulations John. It's been a treat to hear from him the past two years.

Day Five - Friday

Today we wrap things up and say good bye. The project presentations were terrific and you'll soon be seeing some of them on the Discovery Education site. For now you can see a few at http://den.wikispaces.com/LC Institute Projects and http://den.wikispaces.com/DENLC Projects

You can also view a video of the week's festivities at http://den.wikispaces.com/Final Movieexternal image 2684338748_361a08c41e.jpg?v=0

Thanks Lance, Steve, Matt, Mike, Dennis, Hall, Scott, for making it an informative, special, fantastic, fun week!

For more photos visit - Flicker - http://www.flickr.com/groups/denlcinstitute/ or http://picasaweb.google.com/tstandha/DENLeadershipCouncilInstitute2008

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