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About Me

I'm not a person that likes to talk about herself, but in this case I suppose a jot down a little something:

images.jpg I live in a small rural area about 30 miles outside the capital region of New York.magnetsmini.jpg

I have about a 45 minute commute to work in the city school district of Schenectady City Schools each day (and on Saturdays when I facilitate professional development workshops). I am currently teaching in a combined position of teacher and instructional technology facilitator. Part of the day I am a teacher in a new Credit Recovery program in our high school. The other part of the day I spend facilitating the use of instructional technology for our district teachers. Some of my responsibilities in addition to facilitating a variety of technology workshops include:
  • managing the instructional aspects of our Discovery suite of teaching resources: DEstreaming, Discovery Health, the DEN, Discovery School.
  • being a STAR Discovery Educator
  • managing the instructional side of Blackboard which our district uses for some online classes, but more so for teacher class pages.
  • manage the Online Learning Community, resource site
  • send out a periodic email newsletter called Tech News You Can Use newsletter_logo.jpg
  • facilitate an instructional technology support team for our district called TEAM IT
  • assist with the use of many instructional software titles available to our teachers
  • oversee the instructional use of the wireless laptop carts in our district

For the first years of my teaching career, I taught Family & Consumer Science and Computer Literacy at Central Park Middle School.
Years later I jumped at a chance to apply as a technology mentor for a Title III Technology Literacy Challenge Grant our district received. I've been "teaching teachers" about integrating technology ever since.

I enjoy learning about new technology and do what I can to help provide access to new ideas as they become available to our teachers.

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