I Learn, You Learn, We Learn

NECC 2007 - Atlanta, GA June 25-28


I have a great time attending technology conferences. I learn so much. I can't wait to get
back and share it with everyone. Of course, that is kind of hard when I teach and so do you.
Hopefully by adding some of the resources I came away with on this wiki, will provide you
with some ideas of your own.

What can you learn at a NECC?


Day One

Evening opening Key Note and Reception - Missed the trip to the Atlanta Aquarium. The line was Loooooooooooooooong and many did not get in to the reception.


Day Twoscott_kinney.jpg

kathyshrocksmall.jpgSecond Life Workshop by Kathy Schrock. Great to see her in person.

Discovery DEN 2nd Birthday Dinner - Azios

Day Three

Workshop - I Didn't Know You Could Do That With An IPod! - Tony Vincent
Very Popular workshop. There was no seating or standing room!

Learning_in_Hand.jpgpodcast.jpgClick on the podcast icon to go to Learning in Hand Podcasts.

Day Four

Finishing Up

Here are some documents and presentation that were provided at NECC. googlesmall.jpg