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Being a member of the Discovery Educator Network has been an inspiring experience for me. Being part of the DEN has provided many opportunities that I would not otherwise have. I encourage all educators to become a DEN member.
In addition to being just a DEN member, I decided to become a STAR Discovery Educator. Talk about possibilities.......... I've applied for, been accepted and attended the DEN National Institute in Silver Spring MD in June 2007. Visit the National Institute link to see pictures and projects.

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My DEN Experiences

Participant Lance's Test Prep Webinar 2/26/2008
Reviewed Daniel Pink Webinar Archive 2/22/2008
Participant Vicki Davis Webinar 2/20/2008
Local Host DEN Virtual Conference, Schenectady, NY 2/2/2008
Participant Web 2.0 Webinar 1/30/2008
Participant Tim Laur Webinar 1/28/2008
Participant Vicki Davis Webinar 2/20/08
Participant Annastasia Goodstein 3/26/08
Participant David Jakes 4/23/08
Participant Stephanie Throne & Grace Smith Webinar 5/21/2008
Participant Steve Dembo and Lance Rougeux - Coming Down the Stream? 5/27/2008
Using Images from DEstreaming with Dennis Swain - 6/17/2008
Getting the Ball Rolling and DEstreaming New Features with Matt Monjan - 8/25/2008

Attendee Discovery 2nd Birthday at NECC ,Atlanta, GA 6/2007
Attendee Discovery National Institute, Silver Spring, MD 6/2007


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My "I Learn, You Learn, We Learn" DEN Blog
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DEN Podcast created at NECC 2007 - Click Podcast Icon to go to podcast. podcast.jpg


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What is the Discovery Educator Network?

Copied from the 'About Us' page at http://www.discoveryeducatornetwork.com/

Connecting teachers to their most valuable resource…each other! The Discovery Educator Network is a global community of educators who are excited by the power of digital media and want to collaborate and share resources with other educators.

The Discovery Educator Network web site is a place for educators to share ideas,as they connect with other educators from all over the world.. The website also offers a variety of resources that are available at varying levels of access.

EVERYONE who visits the Discovery Educator Network web site may read the blogs, discussion boards, calendar of events and the Discovery Education Classroom Resource Guide.

DISCOVERY EDUCATORS have the ability to comment on the blogs, post to the discussion boards, and register for Discovery Educator Network events on the Calendar.

STAR DISCOVERY EDUCATORS have access to all of the online tools. They may upload and download activities and materials from the resource library, create their own blogs, publish in the Discovery Education Classroom Resource Guide and have access to exclusive STAR Discovery Educator events. In addition, STAR Discovery Educators receive a Welcome Kit, enjoy regular communication from a Discovery Education Field Manager, have exclusive access to training materials and are eligible to participate in STAR only promotions and contests.