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"Excellence is not an accomplishment. It is a spirit, a never-ending process." - Lawrence M. Miller

"Initiatives for change that don't involve teachers as partners in rethinking educational practices and how technology might provide radically better tools are going to have a big problem." – Roy Pea

"As we look ahead into the next century, Leaders will be those who empower others. " - Bill Gates

I enjoy reading and listening to books on leadership, management and movtivation. I have no other motive for this space then to share some books, thoughts, quotes and favorites with you. If you have something you would like to share, feel free to post it by selecting the discussion tab above and leaving your comments.

I beleive that leadership, movitation, management principals are not meant just for the business world; but can and must transfer into the education sector if we as teachers are going to be successful in helping our students succeeed in our classrooms. I hope you take a look at, read, ponder, and incorporate some of these resources into your teaching, learning and everyday life.

Fred_Factor_book_image.jpgAre you a Fred?
One of my favorite leadership authors is Mark Sanborn. I was introduced to him by a good friend and colleague, who I will call Fred. I call her this because she incorporates everything that Fred is, in her life. She Helps People and takes a sincere interest in her friends and colleagues and she makes a difference in the many things she does in her life, including in Schenectady City Schools.

"Fred" gave me a copy of The Fred Factor - by Mark Sanborn. After reading it , I was hooked. Click here to read an excerpt of the book.

Here are the four Principals of the Book.

Leader_book_image.jpgObligation or Opportunity?
You may have noticed the last thing on my email signature is this quote by Mark Sanborn, " Obligation or Opportunity? " It comes from his book entitled " You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader". I think of this quote and saying everytime I am challenged to do something more than I am expected to during my daily routine. The bottom line is, I enjoy learning. If I were to give up an "opportunity", I would wonder what I missed.

I know some people who are true leaders. In education it seems as if you, in fact, do need a title in order to be considered a leader. I gave copies of this book to some of those people. I want them to know even though they don't have the educational leadership credentionals, they do increase ROI - no, not return on investment, but Relationships, Outcomes and Improvements.
podcast.jpgListen to a Podcast about the book "You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader". Click the following link to listen.

If you are having trouble opening the podcast, got to the YDTL Podcast Page.

Overview of the six principles in the book.

Do you D.A.R.E. to lead?

Are you building a resume or a Legacy?
  • What You’ve Accomplished
  • Results
  • The Money You’ve Made
  • The Impression You Leave
  • Self Improvement
  • What You’ve Contributed
  • Relationships
  • The Difference You’ve Made
  • The Impact You Have
  • Helping to Improve Others

Maximum Impact

Founded by John Maxwell, Maximum Impact "endeavors to motivate and inspire you, to lend you encouragement and support, and to equip you with the finest resources and training to unlock every bit of leadership potential inside you. "

Another of my valued collegues invited me to attend a Maximum Impact simulcast on May 11. I had never attended a simulcast and was warned that it would be different than seeing the featured speakers "in person". The simulcast was titled "The Influence Index: Increasing A Leader's True Value". I thoroughly enjoyed the day and believed the impact of the messages given were the same as if I had been there in person.

A number of collegues, all truly interested in the speakers of the day, and I attended the event. We laughed (sometimes to the point of crying, especially at Terry Bradshaw), reflected on the messages and more importantly, thought about how this might effect our own workplace. Our dilemna was getting the wealth of information, tips, and advice we just received out to our collegues. I hope this wiki is just a small way I can do my part. My hopes are to provide periodic thoughts resulting from information I receive from Maximum Impact.
I hope you enjoy and pass it along to your collegues.



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