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Get your computer and microphones ready for easy Podcasting!


Listen to this Podcast Introduction

Although the term "Pod" cast may lead you to believe you need and iPod to create or listen to a podcast - you dont! Many educators shy away from learning about podcasting because they have not yet embraced the ipod craze.

There is hope and good news for all you digital immigrants: podcasting is easy, affordable and fun!

What is a podcast?
The 2005 Word of the Year (as selected by editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary) means an audio blog or rsswithheadphones.jpgpersonal audio show that plays over the internet.
Steve Dembo, from Discovery Education,says " A true podcast is an audio recording that provides a means to subscribe to it; like RSS."
Jannita Demian, from Discovery Education, would argue " a podcast can just be recording your voice".

Take a look at Jannita's Spring 2007 Webinar:

Four Steps to an Easy Podcastworkshoppodcasting.jpg

1. Plan
2. Record
3. Edit
4. Publish

  • What will the subject of your podcast be and who will be the audience? Check out the list of ideas below. Be sure to look at the "A Pod - Chat" document for ideas and resources.
  • Where will you post the files?
  • What hardware and software do you need?

  • Use Audacity - a free software that is easy to use.
  • Use a script as a guide. Don't read word for word. Make it sound conversational.
  • Record short segments
  • Listen to be sure the audio is clear
  • Find sound affects or music if wanted

  • Edit the Audio to get rid of mistakes and empty spaces
  • Add music or sound effects
  • Listen to your audio and be sure it is what you want.
  • When it is save it as an MP3

  • Place the file on a web page. G-gast is a free site with a built in RSS.
  • Test it to be sure it works
  • Tell people it is there so they can listen to it

Resources for Podcasting

Podcasting 101: The Basics , The Questions, The Future

Integration Ideas
· Sequencing skills planning sheets
· sharing student work with the community
· create characters out of literature
· peer tutoring
· improve fluency in reading
· expression and speed
· increases awareness of how they sound thus more practice
· Kid input into community/world/historical issues
· historical recounts
· create a podcast to download for schools to use on field trips- audio tour of plants and how they were used by Native Americans "ethnobotany movements"
· bring experts and knowledge to students
· daily information
· immediate access to information
· second language learning enforcement
· auditory modality of learning
· forces students to focus on content
· audio book reports
· study guides
· diminishes fear of public speaking
· school information
· school tours
· engages students in sharing of ideas, info, etc

A Pod-Chat -

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