The Internet: The Next Generation

Web 2.0

An umbrella term for the second wave of the World Wide Web. Sometimes called the "New Internet," Web 2.0 is not a specific technology; rather, it implies two paradigm shifts. The one most often touted is "user-generated content," and the second is "thin client computing."web2.gif

The User Rules!
User-generated content, comprised of blogs, wikis and social networking sites, such as MySpace and Friendster, let everyone have their say on anything and publish it to the world at large. As Web applications become more sophisticated, people can easily develop elaborate personal Web pages, create a blog, and upload their own opinions, audio and video. Users are augmenting the news by reporting current events sometimes faster and with details often overlooked or ignored by the professional news media.

Although millions of opinions and videos, often very amateurish, only add to our information overload, a significant advantage to user-generated content is that truly talented authors, artists, musicians and movie makers can gain an audience much more easily than they could in the past. Word-of-mouth via the Internet is worth a fortune in promotion. Web 2.0 is leveling the playing field in all arenas just as the PC leveled the playing field in business.
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